The Township of Toms River Parking Authority was created by an ordinance of the Township of Toms River, New Jersey, adopted November 27, 1973 pursuant to the New Jersey Parking Authority Act of 1948 (N.J.R.S.40:11A-4).  The Authority is a public body both corporate and politic and is a political subdivision of the State of New Jersey with the same territorial boundaries as the boundaries of the municipality creating it.  The Authority can exercise both public and essential government functions, and has all the powers necessary to carry out and effectuate its corporate purposes and the purposes of the Parking Authority Act.  The purpose of the Authority is the construction, provision or operation of off-street parking facilities within its area of operation and, additionally, to the extent authorized by the Mayor and Council of the municipality, the management and operation of on street parking through the use of parking meters.  The Authority is responsible for the enforcement of applicable law, ordinances and regulations regarding the parking of vehicles in the municipality, allowing for the promotion of free movement of traffic, relief of traffic congestion and improvement of conditions that affect the public safety and welfare. The Parking Authority is self sufficient with its revenues being derived from on street and off street meters, off street fines and the sale of annual parking permits.  In addition, the Parking Authority is responsible for the management and operation of the New Jersey Transit bus terminal in Toms River.

Board of Commissioners


Professional Services

Executive Director          Pamela L. Piner

Administrative Assistant      Mary McClave

Accounting Services         Bellu Memoli, LLC.

Auditing Services      Homan Frenia Allison, PC

Legal Services         Hiering, Gannon & McKenna

Insurance Services      Nathan Lane Agency, Inc.

Chairman              Michael Sutton

Vice Chairman     Tariq M.S. Siddiqui

Secretary              Norvella Lightbody

Treasurer              Bill Beining

Vice Treasurer     Richard J. Banach

Commissioner     Brenda Tutela