Pay By Cell


Beginning January 1, 2023 all cellular data carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Etc.) eliminated 3G.  The Parking Authority has updated the majority of the single space meters to 4G and the meters are now functioning correctly.  All spaces that are currently non-functioning will be replaced as we continue to upgrade the remainder of our inventory. 

EFFECTIVE December 27th, 2022 Court House Lane and Allen Street parking

will be Pay By Cell only using                    .  Parking can be paid by using an APP or by calling 1-888-981-8577.  To create your account in advance download the             APP from your Apple or Google play store or by scanning this QR code          using your smart phone.

2024 Annual Parking Decals

2024 annual parking decal renewal froms will be mailed the week of Thanksgiving.  Please remember to complete the forms in their entirity to avoid having them returned.  If you have not received your renewal information by the 2nd week in December please contact our office.  If you are a first time decal purchaser please contact our office and we will assist you with your parking needs.  For 2024 parking decal rates click on the "2024 Decal Pricing" button.

​​​NEXT MEETING DATE:  May 23, 2024 at 4:45 pm

LOCATIONToms River Town Hall - Sunshine Room